Best Top Five EPL Soccer Jerseys 2019/20

Best Top Five EPL Soccer Jerseys 2019/2020


What are your best top five EPL soccer jerseys of the EPL 2019/20 season? Even though The Gaffer is an Arsenal fan, we promise that there was no bias in the selection of our Best Top Five EPL Jerseys. Arguably the best soccer league in the world, The English Premier League gives us plenty of variety. We went for teams that showed some class, and stuck with their heritage.

1. Arsenal F.C

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Like we said, absolutely no bias here. If there were any bias, then our 3rd place winner would have been just an afterthought. Arsenal’s Puma jersey was made with a much better material, and had a nicer fit. But, the Adidas version is probably the most excited we have been about a jersey at Free Kick Soccer. The red and white blends beautifully together, the collar and cuffs add a dash of perfection with the red and dark blue pinstripe through the middle. The Adidas shoulder stripes blend perfectly with the red and white design. Overall this jersey beats the competition hands down to claim the top of the league. That’s the best we as Arsenal fans can hope to win something at the moment, giving Arsenal’s dreadful performances the past few seasons.

Final thoughts, “Wear it to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night tea. Heck, wear it to bed too, its the only thing you need in your wardrobe from now on”

2. Liverpool

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Liverpool may have bested the entire EPL and the world this season, but they can’t claim the Free Kick Soccer, Best Top Five EPL Soccer Jerseys 2019/20 title. Jurgen Klopp will have to wait for another year. The dark red with white pinstripes adds a feeling of elegance, New Balance has done really well here with the color scheme. The gold logo placements are all in line, and the white cuffs give a symmetrical look being in line with the main sponsor. A fitting jersey for a team that fully deserves to be Champions of England.

Final thoughts, “Jurgen Klopp might hate that he has to settle for 2nd again, but you can’t win them all Jurgen.” (female jersey pictured above)

3. Tottenham Hotspur

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As much as it pains us here at Free Kick Soccer, Tottenham Hotspur does deserve 3rd place.  It’s a clean looking jersey with subtle but powerful trims. Even though it’s mostly white, the red AIA logo pops with the blue placements surrounding it. We can’t brag on this jersey too much, but it is most definitely one of the smartest jerseys available. It looks cool with a casual outfit.

Final thoughts, “We had to keep it short but sweet.”

4. Leicester City

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Best Top Five EPL Soccer Jerseys 2019/20

The Foxes pulled off one of the most tremendous accomplishments during the 2015/16 season by becoming English Premier League Champions. There was more possibility of Elvis still being alive, and Big Foot being real than Claudio Ranieri’s men lifting the trophy. It’s an incredible underdog story nevertheless. Leicester City’s jersey sneaks in at number four. The gold trim works well with the blue, and the checkered markings give this jersey a fine finished look. The white sponsor logos add a bit of dazzle, and really pops against the blue. The Foxes are used to contending for the top four spots in the English Premier League, and they make the cut in Free Kick Soccers Best Top Five EPL Soccer Jerseys 2019/20

Final thoughts, “ You can’t help but admire Leicester City as a soccer club. They refuse to fade into the distance like so many other clubs that are considered mediocre. Their jersey rides alongside their playing success”

5. Newcastle United

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When Newcastle released this jersey there was a lot of speculation on how it would be received. They went away from their traditional thin black and white stripes. But, we really dig this version. The thicker stripes, and the blue sponsor logo looks great overlapping the center black stripe, it looks much cleaner and less busy than past versions. The black sleeves add a nice contrast to the white stripes. How about that emblem placement? Newcastle’s badge and Puma logo is in a different spot than most of the other Premier League outfits, and we really like it. Newcastle United take a top-five finish, which they haven’t seen in a long time.

Final thoughts, “Going away from the original template was a risk, but it worked. It added style and flair to the teams look, even if their playing style suffers a bit”