Best Top Five MLS Soccer Jerseys 2020

Best MLS soccer jerseys

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Is it boring to have only Adidas?

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You have to give it to the MLS. As boring as the idea is of having Adidas the only make of soccer kits, it is a great strategy for branding. And obviously money. Adidas is the official supplier of all MLS clubs, their youth academies, and youth affiliated clubs. The deal has been extended to 2024 offering stability for the MLS. A notable downside is you will not see the variants in kit makers as you will in other leagues. Hopefully, there will be a variant in the kit templates used in future offerings. For now though, here is Free Kick Soccer’s Best Top Five MLS Soccer Jerseys 2020.

1. Columbus Crew

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At Free Kick Soccer we don’t know why this jersey hasn’t received the buzz we feel it deserves. It has a Borussia Dortmund feel to it, don’t you think? The off-grid pattern is similar to what the Russian national team used for their away kit in 2018, and looks very cool indeed. It’s not too flashy, and not at all boring. The design distracts you from the yellow shoulder stripes which seem to blend in nicely with the Crew’s color scheme. Columbus Crew wins the top spot in Free Kick Soccers Best Top Five MLS Soccer Jerseys 2020. 

Final thoughts “ Wear it to your Mother-in-laws house for a good first impression”

2. Los Angeles Football Club

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Simple, sleek, and clean. The LAFC black and gold jersey is at number two. The gold really pops and helps the club badge look fresh. Although, the YouTube Play logo looked better in last seasons red. The black and grey stripe design blends in well, limiting the damage of the design template. The Adidas template hasn’t done many clubs any favors, but this LAFC design does well to cover the very awkward looking shoulder stripes, collar, and sleeve cuffs.

Final thoughts “You’ll be styling and profiling, adding much-deserved street cred” 

3. Portland Timbers

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We knocked around a bit with this one, only because of the awkward shoulder stripes. Yes, we said awkward shoulder stripes again. Portlands soccer jersey is unique in its design with the green hoops style which allows the cuffs and collar to work in the Timbers color scheme. We love the badge and give it it’s own rating of 10/10. If the shoulder stripes were either a gray or faded white color, Free Kick Soccer would have had this as our number one. Unfortunately, the jersey fell victim to the design template, but slots in at a comfortable number three.

Final thoughts “What’s not to love, everything about it screams buy me”

4. Inter Miami

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We had to set aside bias here since David Beckham is a childhood hero of the Free Kick Soccer gaffer. one major plus is that the awkward shoulder stripes don’t seem so awkward. Inter Miami has actually made this design template work well for them. But what else would you expect from soccer star, slash model, slash designer, slash owner David Beckham, besides a perfectly thought out design? The pink looks great on the black, we just feel that the main section of the jersey needed more than the Inter Miami flamingos littered on the front. The absence of a sponsor kind of hurts the rankings, slipping it down to number four. Not bad though for Inter Miami’s inaugural season.

Final thoughts “If it’s got David Beckham’s name attached to it, you can’t go wrong”

5. Minnesota United F.C

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We had to pick this one as number five in our Best Top Five MLS Soccer jersey rankings because of its originality. The color scheme works perfectly with the template, and the front design of the feathers coming up from the bottom of the jersey was a brilliant touch. The design takes your eyes away from the, yes, awkward shoulder stripes, and the cuffs blend in with the jersey, as does the collar. This Jersey beat out D.C United and the Seattle Sounders making it a worthy addition to the Best Top Five MLS Soccer Jerseys 2020.

Final Thoughts: “Definitely not one for the birds. Did you see what we did there?”

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