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Der Klassiker! Can Borussia Dortmund close the gap?

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Borussia Dortmund Vs Bayern Munich

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Who will win Der Klasiker 2020? If you’re still working from home then the Bundesliga has a treat for you. Der Klassiker 2020 will be on the TV of many soccer fans homes during those Zoom team meetings after the Memorial day holiday. Come on, we know you will be sipping coffee with the TV on mute while your boss goes over those weekly numbers. Just be careful not to celebrate on camera if your favorite team scores.

Not much scoreline success for The Gaffer

As entertaining as this weekends action was, The Gaffer didn’t fair too well predicting the correct scorelines of the top five teams in the Bundesliga. Although, he did get 2/4 results correct. Mainz 05 failed to hold RB Leipzip to a draw, and M’Gladbach lost to Leverkusen 3-1, leaving The Gaffer licking his wounds. But, no matter the outcome of this heavyweight soccer match, Der Klassiker 2020 will be one to remember.

There seems to be no real home advantage at the moment, with away sides picking up 10 wins out of the 18 matches played since the coronavirus. Home teams have only won three matches, Dortmund, Bayern and Hertha BSC. It really does bring to light how important the fans are, but the players continue the show as the professionals they are.

Can Dortmund win Der Klassiker 2020?

There are a few key battles to watch for during the match, mostly on the wings with both teams wanting to get forward. Alphonso Davies and Pavard love to get forward for Bayern, but may find themselves pushed back by Dortmunds 3-4-3 formation. Hazard, Hakimi, Brandt, and Guerreiro have all been terrorizing their opponents as teams seem to focus on the movement of Haaland. Haaland was kept quiet against Wolfsburg, but that meant there was plenty of space on the wings. Guerreiro has thrived in the last two matches notching three goals, Hakimi and Hazard adding one each. Dortmund will need these three to continue their good run of form if they are to revenge their 4-0 Der Klassiker 2019 defeat last November.

Haaland or Lewandowski?

Their will be two star forwards on watch, Haaland and Lewandowski, and watched they will be by both opposing defenses. This is what leads The Gaffer to think this match will be won in the half spaces. It will be like a game of Risk, both teams fighting for pitch domination on the flanks. Dortmund’s counter attack has been lethal with the pace of their forwards, and this is where Guerreiro as the half back has been able to shine.

Haaland and Lewandowski are a handful for opposing teams defenses. Their opponents defend them by either man marking or double teaming. If this happens during Der Klassiker 2020, just watch the battles as both strikers pull defenders with them. This will leave space for their wingers and full backs to attack. As long as Dortmund do not go into a defensive shell and create a low block, we should see a wide open match. However, if Dortmund do defend deep, it will be a long 90 minutes for them.

Alphoso Davies and Thomas Muller

Perhaps, Muller and Davies hold the key for Bayern. Muller has 17 assists on the season, he is also scoring goals. If Dortmund do indeed go out in their 3-4-3 formation, Muller will more than likely thrive. Coman, and Davies can occupy the channels, with Goretzka coming from deep to overload the Dortmund defense. In doing this, Guerreiro and Hakimi could be forced to stay back.

Muller is a player to be admired, mostly underrated. In the past, he has only been suited to shine in certain matches. A sort of rouge player. We like Muller’s potential in this match up. If Lewandowski is tightly marked, Davies can come from deep with overlapping runs. And with Coman looking to stretch the Dortmund defense, Muller will have a field day. Dortmund will have to apply some defensive midfield structure to contain the middle of the park, possibly deeming too much work for Delaney and Dahoud.

Prediction- Borussia Dortmund 2-3 Bayern Munich

The way matches have been going lately, with home advantage seeming less of a thing without the fans, Bayern might just edge this one. It all depends on Dortmunds set up and approach to the match. I don’t think they can just rely on their counter attacking, they have to really go at Bayern. The flanks is where the match will be won, and we look for Muller to pull the strings.

Possibly, Dortmund will take the lead, get comfortable, then invite wave after wave of Bayern attack. A mistake that has punished many a side. Bayern will pull away at the top of the Bundesliga, leaving Dortmund to think about what might have been. RB Leipzip will surely be chomping at the bit for second place.

” The Gaffer didn’t do too well with last weeks predictions. We don’t claim to know it all, if anything really. Enjoy the match and leave us your thoughts.”