EPL Fantasy Premier League Update

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The Gaffer is excited for the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) to restart. Here’s a quick update for you on what to expect, as long as the EPL resumes on June 17th.

Upon date confirmation of fixtures, Aston Villa Vs Sheffield United, and Manchester City Vs Arsenal will be combined with the first full match week.

Fantasy Premier League Chips

You can use any chips that you have left at your disposal. If you do, they’re going to come in handy. Hopefully, you still have your Wild Card, Free Hit and Triple Captain at your disposal. If the five substitutes rule is introduced for the remainder of the season, your squad depth is going to be important. As an FPL manager, you’re possibly going to have to change your team selection strategy. Another key point, picking players in away matches might be profitable to accumulate some points. However, injuries and match fitness will also have to be considered.

Start Planning Now

No matter where you are on the leaderboard, there are plenty of points available. Not to mention, some managers may have given up entirely on their teams, others may miss the restart.

The current leader has 1894 points, and we have some ground to make up. The Gaffer sits in 1,363,931st place overall with 1,512 points due to a mid season collapse of Arsenal, and Aguero’s poor form during weeks 24-29. In hindsight, sticking with your favorite teams players out of loyalty and emotion isn’t a great approach.

Above all else, we’re going to have a ton of fun just getting started again. The Gaffer will be using his Wild Card right out the gate to reset his team and strategy. The question though, who should remain, and should go? You can check out the player stats here. Let us know your thoughts on how you plan for the FPL restart.

The Gaffers Current Team

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