Best ways to watch soccer

With the digital world at our fingertips, there’s no lack of finding ways to watch soccer. When I first moved to the United States in the early 2000s, it was difficult to watch our most beloved English Premier League. I would scramble to watch soccer, finding any free website to catch a match since the TV offerings were slim.

Most of the time I was confined to watching the text reports on the BBC Sports website. Now, Soccer is available wherever and whenever you want it! 

Today we are spoiled for choice. NBCSN has done an amazing job with coverage of the English Premier League, and the Spanish La Liga. But, we always want more.

The English F.A Cup, The League Cup, Europa League, and The Champions League to name a few, are still hard to come by unless you subscribe to certain streaming applications.

Let’s go over some of the best streaming applications, and which soccer matches you can gain access to.

1. fuboTV

Once an all-sports channel, fuboTV now offers a bundle similar to Sling TV. fuboTV still holds sports as its main feature leaving us no shortage of soccer action. The only downside to fuboTV is that you do not have access to any ESPN products. You will have to purchase ESPN separately if they have any of the leagues or cup competitions you are interested in. ESPN+, at the time of writing, broadcasts MLS matches and the English F.A. Cup.

No ESPN, no problem

For us at Free Kick Soccer, not having an ESPN channel line up on fuboTV isn’t that much of set back. fuboTV gives you access to the rest of your favorite sporting channels. These include, NBCSN, beIN SPORTS, and the FOX Sports line ups. Having the FOX Sports channels enables you to watch some MLS matches. However, ESPN is the main broadcaster of the American Soccer domestic league, so we would recommend ESPN+ as an addition to fuboTV. Another advantage of fuboTV is that you have access to a superior amount of overseas soccer content. You can watch soccer as much as you want. Enjoy EPL, Serie A, LaLiga, Ligue, and UEFA competitions.

Check out fuboTV and their free trial offer. To keep the family happy, take a look at the family bundle. fuboTV costs $59.99 per month for over 100 channels, 500 hours of cloud DVR space, and 3 viewable screens at one time.

Free Kick Soccer Rating 9/10 “It would be 10/10 if we had ESPN, but when can we ever have it all.”…sigh!

2. Sling TV

Arguably the largest live TV streaming service available, Sling TV offers soccer fans content at an affordable price. $30 a month gets you Sling Blue which includes NBCSN and the FOX Sports channels, but no ESPN. Purchasing Sling Orange will run you the same price, but the channels are switched. With the Orange package you get ESPN, but no NBCSN or Fox Sports, FS1, FS2. There is the option to buy both Orange and Blue packages for $45 a month. This gives you the best of both worlds. Check out Sling TV’s offerings to see what best suits you. As far as soccer goes, it’s up to you on what leagues and matches you can’t live without.

Rating 8/10 “The pricing is what gives Sling TV a good rating here at Free Kick Soccer. Also, the options to have ESPN and NBCSN. For an extra $5 you can have access to beIN Sports”

3. Hulu

Hulu is a well known and trusted platform giving you access to ESPN, NBCSN, BTN, FOX, FS1. Their original series and movies really sweeten the pot. Get the live version to access the soccer content costing you $54.99 per month. The pricing is our reason for placing it just behind Sling TV in our rankings. Choosing between Sling TV and Hulu is similar to choosing what brand of sportswear you like, Nike or Adidas. You can record Live TV if you don’t happen to wake up in time for the early morning soccer matches. As with other available platforms, extras are available for purchase to catch other league matches such as ESPN Deportes. Although, there is no access to beIN sports.

Rating 7/10 “ We feel at Free Kick Soccer that you mainly pay for the extra content. If you have Sling TV or fuboTV you may be more inclined to add Netflix to your streaming lineup for added content. Hulu is a great choice if you want movies, shows, and originals that you and the family can enjoy”



Do yourself a favor and grab ESPN+ for an extra $4.99 per month, it will fill the void when the English Premier League (EPL) action halts for weekend International or domestic cup matches. We know how stressful life can get without soccer.

There is also a cool deal to smooth over the extra expenditure with the family. Disney+ and Hulu (Not the Live TV version) are included with ESPN+, available as a trio for $12.99 per month.

ESPN+ gives you access to college soccer, and The English Football League. Get even more with access to the German Bundesliga, MLS Soccer, and the English FA Cup. You also be able to watch UFC and original ESPN content.

Rating 9/10 “Great price, great value, and fills the void when your favorite leagues may not be running”

NBC Sports Gold

NBC Sports Gold is the EPL soccer junkie channel for sure. Use it for when the 10 am Saturday morning matches come on and you’re torn between what to watch. Or, maybe your favorite team isn’t on the NBCSN main channel. In steps NBC Sports Gold. If you want to submerge yourself in English soccer, NBC Sports Gold lets you do just that. Enjoy SKY Sports for in-depth English match analysis, diving into EPL soccer until your heart is content. The Premier League Pass is $54.99 per year giving you access to 380 matches. Other pricing options are available depending on what other sports you are into.

Rating 7/10 “Usually the top matches are broadcast on NBCSN, but you may find your team isn’t being broadcast. If you have The Premier League pass you can watch whatever you want”


We wanted to add Netflix in to the mix. You can’t watch live sports, but Netflix does offer original series such as Sunderland Til I Die. You will find a couple of good soccer shows, The English Game being one of them. If you want the top TV series, selection of movies, and originals, then Netflix is a nice addition. You can binge-watch shows like Ozark and The Walking Dead when soccer is at a minimum, a worthy substitute. Get Netflix for a fee of $12.99 with the standard package. Alternatively, enjoy a 30-day free trial before you sign up.

Rating 6/10 “No live sports to be found here, but you can find some really good series and movies to offer you inspiration for when it’s time for you and your team to take the pitch. If you want to watch soccer live, choose one of our other recommended streaming applications”